Job offer: We are looking for project engineer

Our multidisciplinary center is the only one in Latin America that brings together experts in computer science, mathematics and statistics, political science and communications, to do frontier research in data science.

Application requirements

- Professional title of Engineer in Computer or related profession.
- At least two years of work experience
- Desirable postgraduate in the technical field of his specialty, preferably in the handling of data on a large scale.
- It is also desirable to have courses and / or specialization in software projects, innovation and technology transfer.
- Advanced English level is required.

Additional requirements

- Development of research projects, innovation and technology transfer.
- Knowledge and application of agile methodologies.
- Demonstrable experience in handling the following technical tools in medium-scale projects: SQL, Python, Jupyter notebook or similar.
- Desirable to have experience doing independent research and, in particular, applying the scientific method to test hypothesis and perform state of the art survey for a particular area.
- Desirable experience in managing tools and libraries of data mining, large scale data management and machine learning.
- Desirable experience in application and management of public and / or private projects in R & D with generation of value between science and business.

Functions to fulfill:

- Identify results derived from R & D with the potential to become innovations or products with commercial potential.
- Valorize technologies in the initial stage through the realization of market evaluations and their economic evaluation.
- Have an integrated vision of the design and development of projects that involve the concept of exploration, diagnosis, design and implementation.
- Develop data explorations, with focus on detecting needs and opportunities of clients in use, transformation and manipulation of data, and decision making based on data.
- Develop (program) prototypes and concept tests of solutions for clients as an initial step of a viable minimum product.
- Develop projects with agile methodologies, focused on the iterative delivery of viable minimum products.
- Collaborate in activities that seek to favor Technological Transfer and generation of the Culture of Innovation within the Millennium Institute of Data Fundamentals.

The position requires the professional to demonstrate:

- Ability to work in a team and leadership.
- High capacity for communication, decision making and negotiation.
- Technical knowledge in tools of the technology transfer activity, information systems, budget and management control.
- Direct and participate in the execution of technological projects.
- Planning and organization of tasks, based on compliance with goals.
- Formulation, execution and closing of competitive innovation projects.
- Management of spoken and written English.
- Commitment to the institution and its principles.

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