Data Community Meets at First Data Wine and Cheese

Related projects related to data brought together professionals from all disciplines who shared in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

The rain did not stop the hundreds of people who gathered in the Auditorium D'Etigny of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) to know the latest projects related to data visualization that were presented in the first version of Data Wine and Cheese organized by the Millennium Semantic Web Nucleus and the Department of Computer Science (DCC) in conjunction with the Data Science Institute of the University of Development and the Department of Computer Science of UC Engineering.

The attendees were able to know how CIPER's "The revolving door of power" project was configured, how the Climate Explorer of the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR) 2 works and learn about the effect of the game on the city Pokemon Go, in addition to the projects Open Constitution, Twicalli and Galean of the Nucleus Millennium Semantic Web (CIWS).

"The activity was aimed at people interested in data: data science, data mining, information visualization, machine learning, etc. It was an excellent opportunity to bring together not only engineers or scientists from the world of computer science but also entrepreneurs, developers, designers, journalists, among others, "said Barbara Poblete researcher of the Nucleus Millennium Semantic Web and DCC academic .

He added: "This activity was aligned with the purpose of projecting the Center which is to make visible the importance of open data in social, political and cultural processes."

It should be noted that Data Wine and Cheese was carried out within the framework of the Outreach Program of the Millennium Scientific Initiative.

You can read about the projects presented here.