Create Chile's first digital news archive on Twitter

How did the Chileans react to the election of Donald Trump? What was the impact of the SQM case on Twitter users?

These are questions that journalists, historians, social science professionals and citizens can ask questions in "Galean", digital archive of Twitter that gathers reactions, opinions, impressions of Chilean users before news events.

Like a historical archive, Galean is a web system for collecting and viewing Chilean news extracted from Twitter.

"The general idea is that the Chilean media on Twitter serve as" seeds "to extract important headlines and we then collect the largest number of tweets of natural persons who speak of each news. Then we extract the place from which the news is treated and visualize it in an interactive interface ", says Bárbara Poblete, researcher of Núcleo Milenio CIWS.

It is noteworthy that in "Galean" you can find all kinds of news that have been communicated in some Chilean medium with presence in social networks, including national media and also regional media.

"The collection system detects and stores events of both high impact and low impact. However, news must have been mentioned by more than one news medium so that it can be detected, even if it is not using the exact same words. That is to say, while there are several means that report the news, Galean will consider it ", explains Poblete.

"We believe that journalists, historians and social scientists can get more out of their daily work because Galean is very simple to use and does not require extra knowledge," concludes the researcher.

Galean will be available to users starting in the second half of 2017.