CIWS researcher wins Conicyt doctoral fellowship

His research entitled "IMGpedia: a knowledge base for visuo-semantic queries about Wikimedia Commons images" seeks to integrate the images into the semantic web network.

Summary: Semantic Web standards are useful for organizing Web information so that computers can process and understand it better, allowing users to perform more sophisticated searches and have a more expressive language to perform them. However, most of the available knowledge bases use only textual information to the detriment of multimedia content, which has increased enormously in recent years and is already a fundamental part of the Web.

Given the above, our goal in this work is to build a knowledge base that allows us to combine semantic queries with queries about the visual content of the images of the Web, which we will call IMGpedia. The value of this work is that it is the beginning of a long-term project, which seeks to include the multimedia content within the Web of Data in an automated way, without the need to label the media manually, but the facts can be Extracted from complementary sources and, in this way, make the fact of making queries about visual similarity and including semantic filters an increasingly common task.