CIWS hosts meeting that sets standards in graph query

The group, made up of academics and industry professionals, all associated with the data management area, analyzed, discussed and agreed upon a number of desirable functionalities for a graph query language. One of the main characteristics of language is that its design is based on achieving a balance between theoretical foundations and practical application.
Why is it important to establish a standard language to query graphs? Renzo Angles, an academic at the University of Talca and a researcher at the Millennium Nucleus of the Semantic Web, explains that, in the last five years, the technologies associated with graphs (better known as networks) have experienced great growth due to their use in Such as social networking technology companies such as Facebook, or companies developing technologies based on artificial intelligence or Big Data.

"In this context, a standard query language is fundamental for the development of graph-oriented database management systems, since it defines the way in which information is extracted from such systems. On the other hand, the existence of a single language allows the interoperability between several systems, since the same query could be used in all of them ", explains Angles.