99/5000 Outstanding participation of researchers from Foundational Research on Data at a meeting of women in IT

The Web is the most powerful means of communication and an amplifying mirror of ourselves, so it is fundamental to confront it with awareness of information biases and the tools to evaluate the quality of the data. Undoubtedly, one of the most relevant is the genre, a theme that brought together outstanding characters related to technology in an event held thanks to the sponsorship of Entel Ocean.

Three looks were found in the place: the industry, represented by Pamela Carrillo, market manager of Entel Ocean; the academy, with Bárbara Poblete, researcher of the Foundational Research on Data Institute and academic of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Chile and the international experience as entrepreneur and academic of Ricardo Baeza-Yates, who has been interested in recent years in exploring the different biases that determine our experience on the web and which is also part of the Foundational Research on Data Institute and the University of Chile.

From basic education

The concern for the presence of women in the world of computing is becoming increasingly relevant. Hence, organizations such as Girls Pro (gramadoras), Women who Code or events such as Chile Wic become increasingly powerful and the issue of gender bias is increasingly installed in universities.

This topic was focused on the academic Bárbara Poblete, who from her experience and that of her teaching colleagues has gathered valuable evidence that explains why women have so little presence in engineering: "There is an exacerbated difference in the PSU scores of mathematics, what influences in a self-perception that determines that very few women enroll in STEM careers ", assured the researcher.

At the meeting, a call was made to women students and the computer industry and related to participate in the VII Women in Computing meeting, which will take place during the month of October at the Federico Santa María University, who until the 29th August will receive nominations of short talks to expose their experiences at the event. More information at www.chilewic.cl